Jennen Race 5

Jennen web

It was another exciting race at the Virtual SGP. The weather was somewhat better than the mush the real SGP flew in and the times were faster.

After a well flown race Belgian Jeroen Jennen came across the finish line comfortably ahead of

Gernam Ben Fest who was nearly pipped at the post by Donat-Pierre Luigi from France.

Fes Race 5

Fest web

Once again the top pilots won the day. Ben having gained a further 8 points is still in the number one position with 35 points overall. Jeroen stacked 10 points on top of his 25 and is now in equal firt position with 35 points overall. Donat-Pierre now has 30 points putting him in fourth position overall. Yesterday’s winner Witold Rożak came fifth today gaining 5 valuable points and is now in third place with 32 points.

Halil Koroglu from Turkey had a very good race coming fourth and now has 10 points overall. Well done to Halil.

So with two more race days to come all three podium positions are still up for grabs. Don’t miss the next two races on Friday and Saturday. 

Luigi Race 5Luigi web