Dear competitors,

We are launching a one day event on the 5th of March, to promote eSports during the next FAI IGC (International Gliding Commission) plenum.

This event will start at 13:30 UTC and finish at about 15:30 UTC.
We will send you on a one hour task with some thermals and ridges, and we will try to keep it realistic but still dynamic.
The event will be livestreamed and commented. It will be watched by the IGC delegates.

The planning is established as such so far, but changes may happen:
- 13:20: live streaming starts
- 13:30: briefing starts for all pilots (watch the livestreaming)
- 13:30: Servers are open
- 14:00/05: Stop Join
- 14:00: short briefing for the delegates & the public joining us before the race
- 14:10: Race start - the line is open
- Commentaries & show by the pilots ;-)
- 14:55: First arrivals
- 15:05: last arrivals & pilot interviews
- 15h15: announcements & preview of what is about to come for Virtual Gliding
- 15:30: target to close the livestreaming.

This initiative is supported by the FAI, the Condor Team and Condor.Club.
If you believe that we can develop and structure eSports, in collaboration with the FAI, please join us! We are waiting for you!

Register now: https://www.condor.club/comp/show/0/?id=673
Join the Discord server that we will use for the event & future events: https://discord.gg/G4RswW7Ruj

Note: the registration for the Virtual SGPs has been delayed by a few days. We are dealing with the last details :-)

Best wishes to everyone for 2022!