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D-7 before the first official race of this 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 !

Ben is 25 years old and he started gliding aged 13, in 2009, while he was already playing on Condor a year before. He has not always been able to fly in real life, because of his studies and his job, but Condor as always helped him to stay connected to the gliding world. He is never flying without his VR glasses, that we could compare to a Formula 1 helmet. When he wears them he is part of the machine, and can stay focused for hours.

Ben Fest will be one of key pilot to follow during this 1st Virtual SGP - World Final 2021, as he already won the FFVP eSport Series in March 2021 and the XMAS cup last winter... he also finished 2nd at the last Condor World Cup. If we had a pilot ranking list for the eSport competition, he would undoubtedly be in the Top 3 worldwide.
You were looking for the best pilots ? He is one of the best.

You can follow and support him everyday with the competition starting on the 5th of September.
Follow the race soon on : esport.sgp.aero

Ben will be flying the Ventus3-18m during the competition !

His German livery can be downloaded here : condor.club/srchgoodies/0/?id=3091
Try it out now !