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Kresimir Hrastovec

D-7 before the first official race of this 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 !

Aged 55, Kresimir aka Kreso, started gliding at the age of 16, as he had the chance to learn "how to fly" with a Blanik L-13 and a Pilatus B-4 !
He is also passionate about RC modeling. He was a team manager for the Croatian team for the juniors and seniors pilot in F1A and F5J.
Kreso is used to flying online, as he regularly practices his flying skills on MS FlightSim, DCS, and Condor !

Best of luck Kreso !

You can follow and support him everyday with the competition starting on the 5th of September.
Follow the race soon on :

Kreso will be flying the JS3-18m during the competition ! His Croatian livery can be downloaded here
Try it out now !