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Donat-Pierre LUIGI  
D-6 before the first official race of this 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 !
Donat-Pierre started gliding in the UK back when he was an engineer student and then continued his passion in the USA when he had the time to do it ! He never gave up gliding, thanks to Condor and Virtual Reality. After winning the first FFVP eSport Series back in December 2020, he decided to restart flying in real life ! He has done his first solo again after a few flights, and got his license. He already flew more than 300 hours in 2021, departing from the famous club of Challes les Eaux, in the French Alps !
You must know that Donat-Pierre is a real geek, interested by anything that sails or flies ! Indeed, the french pilot is addicted to sailing races as he was practicing it when he was younger at a high competitive level.
Does it remind you of someone, who has already won more than 16 FAI World Gliding Championship ? ?
Sailing and Sailplane races have definitely common points... ! ?⛵️
You can follow and support him everyday with the competition starting on the 5th of September.
Follow the race soon on :
Donat-Pierre will be flying the Ventus3-18m during the competition ! His French livery can be downloaded here :
Try it out now ! ?