Francois Paul ??
D-4 before the first official race of this 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 !
Francois is recreational hang glider pilot from the Cape mountains, in South Africa. He moved to the Netherlands a couple of years ago and he desperately miss mountain flying ! So, together with a small group of Dutch hang glider pilots, he started playing Condor to scratch that itch.
He has never flown a real sailplane, but, partly inspired by Condor, he has just acquired the ultimate glider : an Aeriane Swift'Light - and look forward to learn all about harnessing microlift soon !
We are betting that Francois will try gliding is the Alps soon... isn't it ?
The South African pilot is the only representative of the African continent. He his replacing Matthew Scutter, from Australia, who has had to withdrawn from the competition.
Francois will be with us in the evening to comment the races on our channels :
You can follow and support him everyday with the competition starting on the 5th of September.
Follow the race soon on :
Francois will be flying the JS3-18m during the competition ! His South African livery can be downloaded here :
Try it out now ! ?