Cristian Schuwirtz ??
D-DAY !!! Today starts the first official race of this 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 !!!
Cristian is a 34 years old Engineer. Despite being one of the non-real pilots in the competition, he grew up flying with his dad in a family owned 51s Cessna 170 over the Chilean fjords.
His attraction to soaring planes drove him to fly Condor since it first launched. He began to improve his flying skills in competition amid COVID lockdown, where highly experienced Chilean pilots helped him to leverage his skills.
Condor may be a great opportunity to bring new people to this wonderful sport, and Cristian is an example of it !!
You can follow and support him everyday with the competition starting on the 5th of September.
Follow the race soon on:
Cristian will be flying the Ventus 3-18m during the competition ! His Chilean livery can be downloaded here:
Try it out now ! ?