Tim Kuijpers ??
D-DAY !!! Today starts the first official race of this 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 !!!
Tim is the last pilot to be presented to the public, and a top favorite of the competition.
Born and raised on a glidingfield it's no surprise Tim started flying rather sooner than later. The dutch man is a glider pilot that likes to race and if there is no competition he'll race himself.
Having won the JWGC in 2011 and the EGC in 2017 surely proves his abilities in flying fast. In fact, much of his experience has been gained over 15 years ago while flying Condor, the competition soaring simulator. While being young and not having infinite money it was the ultimate way to gain experience quickly and use that in real life. After three years of competing online he became a true master of Condor 1 and won one competition after another.
Then the time spent on Condor slowly faded away until, after a break of 10 years, Covid 19 struck. During lockdown the first Dutch e-sports gliding nationals were held and Tim got back into the virtual gliding game. With success: 2x National Champion and reigning Condor World Champion after close competition with Ben Fest after 24 competition days. When the flying is done you'll find Tim with a drink and his guitar, preferably at a campfire in company of fellow glider pilots. Meanwhile his life as a 737 captain doesn't make it easy to fly sufficient competitions in order to qualify for the WGC's, but whenever he gets the chance he will take it. Flying the 1st virtual SGP is definitely one of them !
You can follow and support him everyday with the competition starting tonight, at 18h00 UTC !!
Follow the race on: http://esport.sgp.aero/live
Tim will be flying the Ventus 3-18m during the competition ! His dutch livery can be downloaded here: https://www.condor.club/srchgoodies/0/?id=3123
Try it out now ! ?