The 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021 will take place from the 5th to the 11th of September 2021, at the same time as the 10th FAI Sailplane Grand Prix World Final X in Saint-Auban, France.

Registeration for the official event is closed. 

You can still register to the non-official "OPEN" event on Condor.Club :



FAI Documents File type Updated   
FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Rules v10 PDF 16.03.2021  Download
Local Procedures PDF  31.08.2021  Download
Self-Briefing PDF 31.08.2021 Download
Penalties Table for Condor2 PDF  31.08.2021  Download
Simplified Map of the French Alps PDF  31.08.2021 Download
Turnpoint Files .cup  04.09.2021  Download
Airspace Files .cub    N/A in Condor 


Event Schedule

1. On-Line registration : 2nd of July 2021

2. End of registration : 15th of July 2021 for official event. 11th of September for Open event.

3. Unofficial Training : 2nd of Sept & 3rd of Sept

4. Official Training : 4th of Sept

5. Presentation competitors : 5th of Sept

6. First opening briefing : 5th of Sept at 18h00 UTC

7. Contest flying : 5th to 11th of Sept

8. Prize giving ceremony : 12th of Sept at 18h00 UTC


Landscape details

The competition will take place on Arc Alpin 2 Landscape (V0.8) on Condor 2 Soaring Simulator (V2.1.7).
St Auban - LFMX is the home base of the event. Every race will start and finish at LFMX airfield.

Additional information

There are 2 parallel competitions : the official and the non-official (called OPEN).

For the official event :
- 20 top Condor pilots will be selected by the FAI/SGP Group.
- Organisation will plan tasks & weather as of the real SGP in Condor 2, every evening of each race.
- Organisation will use real SGP rules & scoring.
- Livestreaming with FFVP and FAI/SGP teams on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch, with French & English commentaries.
- Selected pilots will receive a polo that they will have to wear every evening, during the race. Get ready for interviews !

Entries are limited as such :
- 20 pilots.
- 1 pilot per Nation.
- Competitors should have an experience of eSport contests (FFVP eSport Series, Condor World Cup, FAI SGP Varese...), inexperienced pilots should register for the non-official (open) competition on Condor.Club.

Entry fee : 50€

Local Procedures : to be published soon
The servers will start at 18h00UTC (20h00 CEST) to be able to race at 20h30/45 CEST.

Non-selected pilots will be able to fly as well, for FREE, with auto-Scoring by Condor.Club and simplified SGP rules, for the "OPEN" contest ! Nevertheless, the non-official competition will not be followed by the FFVP and FAI/SGP medias and there will not be any prize giving ceremony or medals.

Note : if you believe that you are not in the TOP 5 best pilots of your country, please do not register for the official event and register directly to the OPEN event on Condor.Club


Contact : eThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.