Ben Fest winner


Ben Fest is the winner of the 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix!

The German pilot makes history, becoming the first World Champion of an eSport contest, in any aeronautical discipline!
The competition has been organised by the FAI, FAI Sailplane Grand Prix, FFVP and Condor Team. There were 20 pilots from 20 countries fighting to win the title.
Ben Fest has been one of the key pilots to follow during this 1st Virtual SGP - World Final 2021, with two daily wins, including a last day spectacular win
The German pilot is adding a new title to his track record, after winning the FFVP eSport Series back in March 2021 and the XMAS cup 2020... he also finished 2nd at the last Condor World Cup.
Ben is 25 years old and he started gliding aged 13, in 2009, while he was already playing on Condor a year before. He has not always been able to fly in real life, because of his studies and his job, but Condor has always helped him to stay connected to the gliding world. He is never flying without his VR glasses, which we could compare to a Formula 1 helmet. When he wears them he is part of the machine, and can stay focused for hours.

The German pilot wins a full Glider Simulator Rig, valued at almost $2,000 USD, and will be able to expand his eSport gliding simulator experience with the Sim Rig Pro from Just Soaring ! He is also winning three additional gliders for Condor2&3, thanks to the Condor Team!
Thanks a lot to our partners!
Just soaring Sim
Congratulations Ben!